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At Zahaa Tourism we expertly handle local and international travel services; including airline reservations, special and customized tours from simple to unique destinations for business or pleasure trips, hotel accommodations as well as car rentals

Reserving and issuing local and foreign travel tickets

We have contracts with all local airlines, with the ability to provide reservations at any time. We can also book airline tickets all over the world.

Hotel Reservation

We can provide hotel reservations all over the world with the ability to reserve at any time and provide the ability of early check-in at hotel and late check-out from it.

Delegation Reception Services

We provide a reception service from the airport to the hotel and back, according to the type of request, if it was groups, individuals or VIPs.

Car Rental

We can fulfill reservations to hire a private car for you through local and foreign rental companies to receive your car wherever you want.

Travel Agency Libya - Zahaa Tourism

Properties Reservation

We can provide villa and apartment reservations all over the world, with the ability to book at any time.

Training Courses

Reserving the hall for the conference or course according to the number of  participants, with the ability of reserving a hall in another hotel.

providing all the course or conference needs from helpful materials, such as display screens, snack service and open buffet.